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Tips to Find The Best Neighborhoods in Sioux Falls Area

Your neighborhood is the first decision you need to make when you are going to build a new home.  You are choosing neighbors to wave at, which backyards to play in, your commute to work and your school, your daycare, your church, and your list will go on from there! For these reasons, it’s necessary to look beyond the lot lines and develop an understanding of the neighborhood. We at Van Buskirk Companies pride ourselves on building award winning neighborhoods and we do that by creating communities, not just lots.

We’ve spent 50 years in the neighborhood development business and we have acquired the wisdom to help you find the right homesite. Let us introduce some priorities for you to consider before making your most important housing decision, the homesite purchase.

Walk a day in your future self’s shoes.

The first thing you should think about when choosing the neighborhood will be what it is around. Everyone has a list of priorities, but it is important to be thoughtful so nothing is overlooked. Beyond the proximity to friends, schools, and work, some other common priorities include the location of the nearest doctor, the nearest grocery store and park. How is the traffic and ease of access today, and in the future? Spend some time touring around the neighborhood to get a feel for what life there will be like. Make a list of your priorities and see how many the neighborhood’s location satisfies.

Learn the neighborhood covenants.

Most homeowners don’t know that neighborhood lots come with rules to abide by and they are often more restrictive than city ordinance. Neighborhoods with an active manager of the covenants tend to be safer, look better, and retain value. These rules and how Van Buskirk Companies strives to enforce them is what makes our neighborhoods better than the rest. This is a good thing for you, the investor. Since this is probably the largest financial decision you will make for your family, you want to make sure it is a great one. Covenants often cover home appearance, maintenance and neighborly conduct. In other neighborhoods the seller may even require you to use a specific builder to build your house! Van Buskirk Companies is not one of those companies. All of our neighborhoods allow for you to bring your own builder. You are free to pick someone you trust to build your dream home. With the variety of builders and owners making design decisions on their home, our neighborhoods become unique and special. Check out  our finished neighborhood’s curb appeal by driving through a few of them.

Get down to the details.

Once you have a neighborhood it is time to get to work  with your builder. They will help you finalize the ideal lot that supports your home plans. No two lots are the same and if you already have your dream home in mind, you’re going to need the right lot. A few things to consider are which way the house will face, what type of basement will the lot allow, or are there rocks or trees that need to be removed. Since Van Buskirk Companies’ neighborhoods are “bring your own builder”, you will hire a builder you trust to help you find the ideal lot for your house plan and budget. We will work closely with your team to make it right.

Take time to day dream.

Visualize your custom home on the lot. Imagine the details – the front yard, the landscaping, the view from the kitchen window. Share this vision with your builder. With our team at your side we will all work together to meet your expectations. With the right tools and some fun along the way, you will find your perfect lot nestled in a neighborhood you love. With eight neighborhoods we know we can provide one that fits you.

If you need help getting started or want to learn more about any of our neighborhoods – contact us 605-361-8211

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