Jordan Hefner - Residential Construction Operations Manager

From Project Management to Operations Leadership 

In the dynamic world of construction, leadership is not merely about building houses; it’s about orchestrating a multitude of tasks, talents, and timelines to create something remarkable. At Van Buskirk Construction, quality and innovation are key in crafting every home. We guarantee our work and always deliver on every expectation when executing any build.  

Jordan Hefner, with his dedication to the craft and thorough understanding of the construction industry, has been promoted to the role of Residential Construction Operations Manager at Van Buskirk Companies, marking a significant milestone in his career. 

With an extensive background in residential home construction, Hefner’s relentless pursuit of growth has helped him achieve many accomplishments in his career. His transition from a hands-on contributor to a strategic leader is a testament to his leadership qualities and his commitment to continuous improvement. 

Jordan Hefner accepting the Young Professionals Award from the Home Builders Association.

Not only has Jordan been promoted within the company, but he is also making an impact on the entire industry. He is a member of the State Board for South Dakota Home Builders Association and was just elected the state representative for South Dakota by the National Association of Home Builders. In February, Jordan also won the Young Professionals Award from the National Association of Home Builders at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas!  

At Van Buskirk Companies, Hefner’s role as Residential Construction Operations Manager is about creating a quality customer experience through collaboration with clients and subcontractors to create and innovate. His deep understanding of residential construction methodologies and his attentiveness to the customers’ needs enables him to bring the clients’ dreams alive. With his extensive experience in construction and a keen eye for detail, Hefner is ready to lead his team towards new heights of success. 

Moreover, Hefner’s promotion serves as a testament to Van Buskirk Companies’ commitment to nurturing talent and encouraging internal growth. By recognizing and elevating individuals like Hefner, the company not only reinforces its leadership position in the construction industry but also cultivates a culture of opportunity. 

As Jordan Hefner embarks on this new chapter in his career journey, his promotion to Residential Construction Operations Manager at Van Buskirk Companies is not just a personal achievement but a reflection of his dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. As he continues to lead his team towards new horizons of success, Hefner’s journey reminds us you can always achieve new heights. 

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