Featured Testimonials

I’ve have had the privilege of working with Van Buskirk Companies for over ten years now on various projects. Over time, the quality of the services provided on multiple levels have always consistently exceeded my expectations. They are a step above in their knowledge of building materials and design considerations, all while providing cost savings to support the best possible outcome for the customer. They have performed with prompt timeliness of project completion, often ahead of schedule, and that has always impressed me. Their employees and contractors are always polite, efficient, hard working and skilled craftsmen. From a financial perspective, over the various building projects that I have worked with them on, they have been generous with our contracts and always succeeded in making me feel like a valued customer. I have felt like a partner in the construction process. I have always felt that my ideas were not only respected and honored, but Van Buskirk Companies has literally made my project and design dreams into realities. They are an organization full of integrity and an organization that I trust. I look forward to working with them in the future and would not hesitate to recommend them to you!


"I was so impressed with the efficiency of the build-out process. At first, I was overwhelmed at the seemingly daunting project ahead, but Chad and the whole Van Buskirk team saw that each detail had been considered carefully so my worries were quickly put to rest. They took my vision and learned our businesses needs to create an incredibly beautiful and functional space which our guests delight in as much as we do!"


"From start to finish, Van Buskirk Companies exhibits an unparalleled level of expertise and professionalism, accompanied by a friendliness that’s hard to surpass. They are precise, rigorous and extremely accommodating in their thoroughness. We highly recommend their work and the Van Buskirk family."

Tom Davis // Davis Professional Building

"The building has worked out extremely well for us. I am really happy with the result, and glad I chose VBC for the project. David Adkins has been great to deal with on an ongoing basis. He has continued to follow up on the small items that need to be done to really "complete" a project. Kudos to him for carrying the flag to the end. Thanks for his service."

Jason Herrbolt // First Bank & Trust

Van Buskirk Construction was a terrific partner for us when we constructed our recent branch location. Throughout the project they demonstrated tremendous care and thoroughness, communicating with us on a regular and consistent basis. Not only are we thrilled with the final product, we enjoyed the entire experience! I’d recommend Van Buskirk Construction to anyone.