Your Vision Is Our Vision    

It’s about the vision. Van Buskirk Companies has extensive experience helping their clients achieve their dreams.  Perhaps you want to liquidate an asset and re-invest it in a business or personal endeavor.  Maybe you already own a piece of property and want to grow your business - we can help with management, analysis and financing.  We offer every single service that is needed to complete any project, down to the key for the front door.

Tailored To Your NeeDs

Often you only need us to help you with part of the process.  Perhaps you need a new tenant suite, a new office, a new manufacturing facility or a restaurant. We have the unique ability to help you through the entire process, from finding you a great location, designing it with our architect, pricing it with our commercial construction division, and building it.  Or, you have the option to pick and choose how and when you want our team to be involved.   We can generate all of the information you need to make a decision, and are available to answer questions you may have about your project.   We will back your business financially, build you a building and lease it to you with an agreement to purchase it if you would ever desire.    We are here for you like no other, now and years down the road.

A Smart Choice

Van Buskirk Companies employs decision makers. We believe in ourselves and our team. You will be working with the principals of our company to craft your deal, and our staff has the variety and depth of expertise you need to complete your project  with ease, on time, and on budget.  Every team member shares the same hard-working, honest values that have made Van Buskirk Companies a leader in our region for over 40 years.