Posted on 10-03-2017

If you are seeking noninvasive, no-drug therapies that allow your body to be better at what it already does, you will love this! Inspired by stories like that of Justin Gatlin, an Olympic sprinter able to extended his career to competing in his  4th Olympics Games as a result of cryo and light therapies, Bob Trader decided to launch CryoREV and provide an opportunity for residents in the Sioux Falls and surrounding communities to experience noninvasive therapies.


The name, REV, captures Bob’s vision; recovery, energy, and vitality. Through CryoREV’s  therapies, they hope to assist a person through recovery from  pain and injury, while moving them towards increased energy levels and onto vitality, the state of being strong and active!


CryoREV will join Van Buskirk Companies’ growing commercial property management portfolio when they move into Heather Ridge Office park in a few weeks.   Their 1,100 square foot space will feature two therapy units:  a cryosauna and NovoTHOR Light Pod.  The cryosauna provides whole body exposure to subzero temperatures to decrease inflammation, increase cellular survival, decrease pain, and promote overall health. A typical session is 2 ½ to 3 minutes.   NovoTHOR is a whole body light pod that provides low level red and near-infrared light therapy to your body.  It allows the body to reduce “oxidative stress” which is widely accepted by medical professionals as the underlying trigger for some diseases and degenerative conditions.


“One of our daughters experiences mild, lower back pain from competitive cheer and I’m excited to see how these therapies could benefit her.  Once people experience how they feel after the therapy, like I have, I know the concept will take off” said Bob Trader, owner.


Heather Ridge Office Park consists of three newly constructed office buildings with a total of 30,066 square feet of office space. Cryo REV will be located in the 2nd office building at 6330 S Western Avenue, Suite 120.  Other tenants in that building include Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law, TruMassage Therapy, Bartels Counseling Services, and Keller Williams. Van Buskirk Construction is completing work on CryoREV’s office suite and their projected opening is late October.