Posted on 05-24-2016

As we mentioned in this post, Mike Van Buskirk and Kristen Zueger are at ICSC's REcon in Las Vegas this week.  Jodi Schwan is reporting live from the global convention and caught up with Mike and Kristen while they had a brief window in their very full schedule!


They talked about the bustling activity in our Lake Lorraine development and showcased some brand new images! As Jodi mentioned, last year at the convention we had 60,000 square feet of committed retail and this year we have almost 180,000 square feet of retail leases pending for Phase 1! Check out Jodi and Mike's conversation in the video below.



We are excited to display the images Jodi showcased in the video.   Below is the Master Site Plan which gives you an overview of the whole development.  Labeled in yellow on the plan, is Phase 1 retail where the 173,000 square feet of retail leases are pending today! 


Mike and Kristen are having follow up conversations on those pending deals and hope to make some announcements in the coming months. New conversations at the convention this year are with small shop retailers for Phase 2, labeled in orange on the plan.  This area will have the main street feel with a nice connection to the lake.


 Kristen told Jodi, "The retailers are thrilled to have a prime location in our market.  With the speed of success we have had with phase one of this development, we are planning on strong retail and restaurant  interest to continue with the boutique and specialty retail shops within phase two of the development.“  


You can view 3D images in the slideshow above!


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