Posted on 09-21-2014

Kingswood Neighborhood


Location: Western Sioux Falls, from Interstate 29 west to Sertoma Avenue, between Skunk Creek and 41st Street.


Home values: Many subdivisions saw home values increase 12 to 14 percent during the past 10 years.


Myron Van Buskirk developed the west-side neighborhood known for its late April rummage sales — 36 years worth and counting. These weren't starter homes, instead considered the next step up for families.


Former city planning director Steve Metli said developers paid extra attention to yard sizes, green space and streets. It was one of the first areas to use curved streets as a way to slow traffic. Residents today say they appreciate that.


"It's still a good, solid neighborhood today," Metli said.


Mark Ament moved to Chelsea Drive in 1984, the year Van Buskirk built many of the homes there. He said it's a better quality house than some of the stick-built homes in other neighborhoods. It retains its value, he said, and it helps that others take as much pride in their homes.


"People seem to keep their houses up on Chelsea Drive," Ament said.


Steve Gaspar sees that same commitment through much of the Kingswood neighborhood. He lives in a multilevel house on the bend of Westminster and Devon drives.


It was the style of house that attracted him to Kings­wood in 1988. His next-door neighbor, Tyler Stills, moved there in 2010 for the same reason.


"Around here, it's not cookie-cutter, three-bedroom ranch," he said.


- Exerpt from Neighborhood snapshots: Why we live where we live by J.L. Atyeo, Argus Leader