LED street lights could save money for Sioux Falls


Sioux Falls is trying out brighter street lights that could help the city cut costs for energy and maintenance. The city is working with developers of the mixed-use Lake Lorraine project in southwest Sioux Falls to install high-efficiency light emitting diodes, or LED, street lights. It’s something Lake Lorraine developers, Van Buskirk Cos., have used for parking lots at other projects. Steve Van Buskirk said his company and the property owner, Friessen Development, took an interest in LED lights as a way to give Lake Lorraine a cohesive look when the first retail malls open there this year.

Lake Lorraine Lands First Retailer


A lighting and home furnishing business is the first retailer to lease space at Lake Lorraine.   Sioux Falls Lighthouse is planning a 5,700-square-foot store as part of the Marketplace at Lake

West Central to cede some homes to Sioux Falls district


The West Central School Board, sensing little room to maneuver legally, approved a revenue-sharing plan Monday night as a key first step for a west-side neighborhood to join the Sioux Falls School District.

Upscale neighborhood filling up fast


A new development that features lake-front living in northwest Sioux Falls is filling up faster than expected.

Cars for Sale plans eventual headquarters at Lake Lorraine


A new corporate campus unlike any in Sioux Falls is being planned for the growing tech company Cars for Sale.

Van Buskirk to guide 130-acre project


The developers who brought The Bridges at 57th retail center to Sioux Falls are planning an upscale lifestyle center nearly six times as large on the west-side property known as Lake Lorraine.

Brandon Boom Is Back


It's got that small town feel with easy access to Sioux Falls. That's what's attracted thousands of people to Brandon. At its high point, 100 new homes a year were being built there.

Developers prepare to work under new zoning ordinance


The phones starting ringing at City Hall in the planning department hours after voters approved the city's updated zoning ordinance April 8.

Retail construction to start at Lake Lorraine


The first retailers in the Lake Lorraine development plan to be open by the end of the year, and conversations with prospective national retailers have started.

New office park to be built near Heather Ridge Village


Van Buskirk Cos. is developing the Heather Ridge Office Park at 6320 S. Western Ave. It's behind the Heather Ridge Village office and retail center southeast of 69th Street and Western Avenue.