Lifestyle center draws ‘like-minded’ owners, shoppers


When Van Buskirk Cos. planned The Bridges at 57th lifestyle center, the idea didn’t focus on attracting female entrepreneurs.

Speculation pays off for Van Buskirk Cos.


The first tenants of the Remington Pointe retail center will open this month as others prepare to start businesses later this year.

Sioux Falls Visions Book - Van Buskirk Companies


Throughout its history, Van Buskirk Companies has developed safe, beautiful properties with an eye on the future. “The thing we really like about this business is that, when we’re all done with everything, and the grass is growing in the yard, and the people are living in their homes, we can drive down the street and feel that we did a good job, we feel satisfied,” says Steve Van Buskirk. “There is something physical we left behind that is going to be of enduring value.”