Posted on 08-20-2019

When it comes to recruiting baseball players and talented coaches, the Sioux Falls Canaries have the “home” advantage.




“Players and coaches around the league know we have access to furnished corporate apartments each season,” says Duell Higbe, General Manager of the SF Canaries. “It’s a nice perk to offer players from all over the country and around the world, and it’s a draw when it comes to recruitment. Van Buskirk Companies has bent over backwards to help these players feel at home.”


The relationship between the Canaries and Van Buskirk Companies began years ago as a unique sponsorship opportunity. In exchange for providing corporate apartments at Bennington Hill and Bentwood Manor, two high end apartment complexes in Sioux Falls, Van Buskirk Companies enjoys major sponsorship benefits.

There are currently three coaches and around a dozen players staying at Van Buskirk apartments this season.“We love supporting the Canaries and all they do for our community,” says Steve Van Buskirk, President of  Van Buskirk Companies. “They are a good group and we enjoy hosting them and cheering them on.”

“The service we get from the Van Buskirks and the apartment managers is nothing but amazing,” says Duell. “They are flexible, easy to work with and are always understanding of players that come and go. They get to know the guys and become friends with them. It’s a great asset to our organization.” 


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