Zimmermann Landing

City: Smiths ParkPrice Range: $68,000 – $475,000School District: Madison

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Bidding starts January 17th, 2022

Online Auction ends January 27,  2022

  • Prices listed on website are starting bid prices
  •  Download the Reference guide for a “How-to” use the online bidding platform.

Block 3 Lots 1-5

  • These lots are directly adjacent to the lake.
  • These lots do not come with a slip on the communal dock. Homeowner is responsible for their own boat dock (including purchase, permits, install, removal, maintenance and lifts). 
  • Houses on these lots will be ranch walkouts with only one story above grade. Low rooflines required. Read home design requirements linked here. Full covenants coming soon.
  • HOA fees apply to these lots.
  • Lot dimensions 
  • Elevations

Block 3 Lots 6-13

Block 1 Lots 1-12 and Block 2 Lots 1-13

  • Block 2 lots east of Zimmermann Lane and are elevated significantly higher (10-19 feet) than the lots to the west. This paired with lakeside covenants for low rooflines are intended to encourage sweeping views of the lake from these lots. 
  • These lots come with slips on the communal dock. See slip assignments here.
  • Houses on these flat lots will be allowed to have multiple stories and flat roof areas for patios overlooking to the lake. For maximum curb appeal, the development requires large front yards facing the lake and garages  tucked behind the houses. Read home design requirements linked here. Full covenants coming soon.
  • HOA fees apply to these lots.
  • Lot dimensions 
  • Elevations
  • Gated community*

  • Communal dock

  • Sand beach

  • Walking paths throughout

  • Disc golf course

  • Playground Park

  • Pickleball Court

  • Half Basketball Court

  • Flat grass ball field


*Gate locations may change and are subject to approvals. Block 1 may or may not be within the gate bounds. The current hopeful location of the southern gate is south of Block 1 Lot 12, alternate location would be north of Block 1 Lot 1. 

Each lot is assigned a specific boat slip on the communal dock. Dock Slip Assignments Linked Here

Boat lifts are not included with the dock slip, purchase and maintenance of lifts are at the expense of the homeowner. Dock maintenance will be handled by the HOA including in and out service.  For convenience of the homeowners, the HOA will arrange to have the homeowner’s lift put in and taken out during the time of the dock service. Expense to move lift will be billed separately to the homeowner. 

Estimated at $870 annually but is subject to actual cost fluctuations from vendors and needed repairs. These costs are intended to provide: 

  • Road Maintenance*
    • Private gate maintenance + repairs
    • Snow Removal
    • Dock parking lot maintenance
    • Road repairs
  • Lighting and security for
    • Docks
    • Parking lot
    • Walking paths
    • Amenity areas
  • Common grounds
    • Regular clean up
    • Mowing
    • Irrigation
    • Tree trimming and watering
    • Insect control
    • Taxes and insurance
  • Communal Dock
    • Dock in and out service
    • Regular maintenance and clean up
    • Boat lifts in and out service (billed separately to homeowners)

HOA does not include service to individually owned lots and docks.

*The lots south of Lot 3 Block 1 are on a public street, the road is not guaranteed to be improved beyond its current condition. A neighborhood agreement on road improvements in this area has been proposed but not finalized by current residents. Block 1 lots are also pending approval if they will be within the gate bounds.


Van Buskirk Companies is a Licensed Real Estate firm and represents the seller only. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. 

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Zimmermann Landing

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