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Residential Homes and Local Improvements to Southern Sioux Falls

Every town or city undergoes transformations over time, and one of the most exciting changes to witness is the evolution of a newly developed area of town. From open spaces to vibrant hubs, these transformations not only enhance the city’s offerings but also breathe life into the community. In this article, we’ll explore the local improvements that have been making waves in southern Sioux Falls. 

Commerce Serving the Neighborhood 

One of the most noticeable improvements on the south side of town has been the number of retail, restaurants and office spaces that have set up shop in the area. The southside has been booming with new business as we see our city’s population climb. We have seen businesses and residential being established throughout the entire stretch south of 57th Street to 69th Street and now 85th Street. Now we see the final parcels of ground filling up 85th and Minnesota. With Walmart opening its doors in 2016 we have seen more and more businesses setting up in the area. 

Streetscape Enhancements Promote Commerce 

The streets of southern Sioux Falls have undergone some dramatic transformations. One of the biggest projects currently being established is the Veteran’s Highway project. This highway will connect I-29 to I-90 on a broad arch that mimics I-229. This will connect the community with an efficient flow that doesn’t currently exist. The project is well underway with the latest stretch between Western and Cliff to be completed in 2024. It is easy to notice with the new bridge over the busy intersection of 85th just east of Minnesota Avenue. Next phases will finish the connections from 57th Street to I-29. 

Community Investment  

Community engagement is crucial to the success of development and southern Sioux Falls has embraced this philosophy wholeheartedly. With the Harrisburg Freshman Academy opening its doors to students for the 2024-2025 school year at just southeast of 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue, it will help to bridge the gap from Sioux Falls to Harrisburg creating even more opportunity for this growing community. In addition to the school, the City of Sioux Falls has proposed a section of land right next to the school as a potential site for a public swimming pool. These community hubs will not only provide entertainment for residents but also foster a sense of belonging and pride contributing to the area’s ongoing transformation with plenty of space to continue growing. 

Population Growth and Residential Homes 

With the fast-paced growth of Sioux Falls and its surrounding towns, Van Buskirk Companies works hard to create a community in which it’s a great place to work and live. With all the development happening to the south side of our ever-growing city, we are supporting the population growth by working closely with our city planners to create family friendly neighborhoods. Supporting our customers promotes growth and helps set the stage for big box stores and local small businesses to thrive. Sioux Falls is offering more and more opportunities for people to lay their roots here with a promising and prosperous future. 

The local improvements to the south side of our town have transformed it from farm fields into a thriving community landscape. From evolving businesses, updated streetscapes and residential developments, and community initiatives and investments, it has set the stage for the area with plenty of room to continue our growth. As southern Sioux Falls continues to evolve, it serves as a shining example of what can be achieved through collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision for the future. 

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